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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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Nanny loves spunky nappies

This kinky nanny loves wet nappies but it’s spunky nappies she loves most! She loves to tease and wank adult baby boys til they spunk inside their terry nappies. Then she leaves them in the nappy bucket for a few days and likes to suck on the crusty terry cloth. That always makes her cum!

Time length 4:41

Adult baby girl wants your cum

This sexy adult baby girl knows how much you love to see a pretty girl in nappies. Lift her out of the cot so she can suck your cock as you look down at her in her pretty dress, terry nappy and plastic baby knickers! This baby slut wants your cum so bad!

Time length 3:05

Frustrated wife fed up with your nappy and plastic pants

Your nappy fetish is getting out of control! You can only get hard if you’re wearing a nappy and plastic pants. Well if that’s the only way you can get aroused I suppose it’ll have to be nappies again!

Time length 2:39

Fun with nanny and her babysitters: part 3

Sean wakes up in nanny’s nursery and is introduced to new babysitter Karen. Karen and Mia take off his wet nappy and they see his erection. They shave him and then they both take turns licking his arse and sucking his cock and balls and they both share his baby cum!

Time length 4:55

Im going to dress up for my boyfriend

A sexy girl is in the middle of getting dressed and her new boyfriend is arriving soon. Can you help her decide what to wear? She thinks she should wear a diaper for him but can you help her decide which type?

Time length 2:24

Time for your plastic pants blowjob

Are you wearing your plastic pants on for nanny? You know how nanny loves to give you a sexy blowjob through your plastic pants..don’t you darling? “Come on Sweetie, cum in your plastic pants for nanny!”

Time length 3:15

What is it that you like about nappies?

She knows that you like nappies but wants to know why. She talks all about nappies and all the different types there are. Maybe she'll guess what it is that you really like about nappies!

Time length 1:56

The new school headmistress and the young teacher's assistant

Miss Pierce is having a problem with a very naughty boy and takes him to see the headmistress who has a very unorthodox way of dealing with him! They take off his wet nappy and plastic pants and get up to some very kinky fun with him!

Time length 5:45

Sit on my face while I cream you

Mummy's in the middle of getting ready to go out for the evening and she's completely forgotten to give you a creamy! She`ll take your nappy off and get you to sit on her face so she can lick your arse as she creams you. She wants you to lick her pussy too!

Time length 2:38

Kinky nurse fingers your arse as you cum in plastic baby pants

This kinky nurse has a special present for you! If you like the idea of being put into plastic baby pants by a hot nurse then this is the story for you. She'll make you cum in your plastic baby pants!

Time length 3:57

Changing time for naughty schoolboys

The school nappy nurse is on duty today. It's time for you to go and see her to get your wet nappy changed. She'll change you while the other boys look on as they suck on their dummies!

Time length 4:27

Fun with nanny and her babysitters: part 2

Sean enjoys more babying at the hands of his beautiful nanny and sexy babysitters. Lots of nappy and plastic pants sexy fun!

Time length 4:36

Hot babe wears nappies

A very sexy story about a gorgeous young woman who wears nappies and plastic baby pants under her skirt to work! Find out what happens when her secret is discovered by a work colleague!

Time length 4:08

Incontinent woman needs a man to fuck her: part 3

In the final part of this story Joanne is re-diapered in her very wet and spunky nappy! She is completely satisfied now that she has been fucked in nappies!

Time length 5:57

Sexy schoolgirls have fun with pervert in plastic pants

While Chloe’s parents are away on holiday she meets a guy online and invites him over. When Chloe’s friend Sasha arrives she finds the guy tied to Chloe’s wardrobe wearing plastic pants and a gasmask! Find out what these naughty schoolgirls get up to with their pervert!

Time length 3:06