Sexy Adult Baby Stories

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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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Chambermaid discovers guest in nappies: part 1

A sexy chambermaid makes a shocking discovery when she cleans one of the rooms in a top London hotel.

Time length 4:57

Adult baby girl needs her nappy changed

This cute adult baby girl’s Mummy has gone out and now she has a very wet nappy that needs to be changed! Will you change her? She’ll be very grateful!

Time length 4:16

The diaper clinic

It’s time for your appointment at the diaper clinic. The nurse is ready to see you now!

Time length 6:19

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 1

Nanny tells you all about her adult baby nursery and all the naughty things that go on there!

Time length 5:37

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 2

Nanny explains about her adult baby husband and how the young babysitters help out with his nappy changing!

Time length 5:47

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 3

In the final part of this story you can here babysitters Jodie & Clarissa having kinky baby fun with nanny’s husband as she looks on!

Time length 3:44

The adult baby club: part 1

Jackie loves the adult baby fetish so much that Mike the photographer ends up being her “daddy”! He takes her to an “adult baby” night at a club in town where very naughty fun ensues!

Time length 6:08

The adult baby club: part 2

Daddy Mike leaves baby Jackie to have fun with some of the other adult babies. She looks on as a baby boy gets his nappy changed by 2 young babysitters. But before they put him in a dry nappy they play with his stiff cock until he shoots his sticky load all over their hands!

Time length 5:54

The adult baby club: part 3

Daddy Mike gets in on the action with 3 sexy rubber nurses! Baby Jackie enjoys some sexy fun with the nurses too! A very hot climax to this story!

Time length 7:41

Are you incontinent? Sexy care assistant takes care of you

This care assistant turns up late but she makes it up to you! Once your wet nappy is removed she wanks you off while you suck her tits and play with her wet pussy. She’ll make being incontinent fun!

Time length 4:29

Glamour models introduction to the adult baby scene: part 1

Jackie is a sexy young glamour model. She turns up for a photoshoot to discover it’s for the adult baby fetish! She gets into the role a little too much!

Time length 7:41

Glamour models introduction to the adult baby scene: part 2

Jackie wets her nappy during the photoshoot and gets really turned on! She see’s the photographer has an erection so she sucks his cock til he cums all over her baby dress and plastic panties!

Time length 6:29

I caught my neighbour stealing plastic pants off my washing line: part 1

Jenny is a single mother with a baby girl and she’s noticed that several pairs of plastic pants have gone missing from her washingline. Then one day she discovers why!

Time length 4:41

I caught my neighbour stealing plastic pants off my washing line: part 2

Jenny confronts her nextdoor neighbour after seeing him stealing a pair of plastic baby pants off her washingline. When he bursts into tears she consoles him and wanks him off with the plastic pants!

Time length 4:09

Nanny plays with your bottom

Nanny wants to take off that nappy and do nice things to your bottom. Nanny loves to lick and finger your bottom until your cock explodes with hot sticky cum!

Time length 2:09