Sexy Adult Baby Stories

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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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High class escort for adult baby

A gorgeous high class escort comes to visit you! Dressed in a very sexy outfit she teases you and changes your wet nappy. Lots of breastfeeding and hot sex in nappies and plastic pants!

Time length 4:05

Incontinent woman needs a man to fuck her: part 2

Joanne meets a guy online who wants to have sexy nappy fun with her! She arranges to meet him at a hotel and she gets well and truly fucked while wearing sexy lingerie and of course her nappy!

Time length 6:10

Of course i`ll wank you off in your nappy

You know nanny wants to make you feel nice and she loves to make baby creamy in his nappy!

Time length 2:10

Chambermaid discovers guest in nappies: part 2

You’d never believe just what goes on in some hotels and this chambermaid thought she’s seen it all..until now!

Time length 6:01

Horny bitch wanks you off with plastic baby pants

This sexy little bitch has bought a pack a plastic baby pants at the chemist when she was out shopping and she has a nice treat..just for you!

Time length 2:35

You`re wearing nappies again!

So…you’re wearing nappies again! I’m going to make you wank yourself off in your nappy while I play with my pussy..and I want to see you squirm when you cum!

Time length 2:11

School nappy nurse

The nappy nurse is ready to change your wet nappy. She’ll clean you up and put you in a nice dry nappy and plastic pants!

Time length 2:44

Incontinent woman needs a man to fuck her: part 1

Joanne is a pretty 28 year old but she has a wetting problem and needs to wear nappies. But her husband Ben is appalled so she needs a man to fuck her!

Time length 5:29

Fun with nanny and her babysitters: part 1

Sean goes to visit Nanny and her babysitters. Lots of sexy fun with Nanny and her gorgeous girls!

Time length 6:59

Do you love plastic pants?

A sexy young girl is waiting to put you in a pair of plastic pants and she wants to suck your cock through them til you cum inside the plastic!

Time length 2:57

Chambermaid discovers guest in nappies: part 1

A sexy chambermaid makes a shocking discovery when she cleans one of the rooms in a top London hotel.

Time length 4:57

Adult baby girl needs her nappy changed

This cute adult baby girl’s Mummy has gone out and now she has a very wet nappy that needs to be changed! Will you change her? She’ll be very grateful!

Time length 4:16

The diaper clinic

It’s time for your appointment at the diaper clinic. The nurse is ready to see you now!

Time length 6:19

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 1

Nanny tells you all about her adult baby nursery and all the naughty things that go on there!

Time length 5:37

Nanny Sarah adult baby nursery: part 2

Nanny explains about her adult baby husband and how the young babysitters help out with his nappy changing!

Time length 5:47