Sexy Adult Baby Stories

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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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The adult baby club: part 3

Daddy Mike gets in on the action with 3 sexy rubber nurses! Baby Jackie enjoys some sexy fun with the nurses too! A very hot climax to this story!

Time length 7:41

Are you incontinent? Sexy care assistant takes care of you

This care assistant turns up late but she makes it up to you! Once your wet nappy is removed she wanks you off while you suck her tits and play with her wet pussy. She’ll make being incontinent fun!

Time length 4:29

Glamour models introduction to the adult baby scene: part 1

Jackie is a sexy young glamour model. She turns up for a photoshoot to discover it’s for the adult baby fetish! She gets into the role a little too much!

Time length 7:41

Glamour models introduction to the adult baby scene: part 2

Jackie wets her nappy during the photoshoot and gets really turned on! She see’s the photographer has an erection so she sucks his cock til he cums all over her baby dress and plastic panties!

Time length 6:29

I caught my neighbour stealing plastic pants off my washing line: part 1

Jenny is a single mother with a baby girl and she’s noticed that several pairs of plastic pants have gone missing from her washingline. Then one day she discovers why!

Time length 4:41

I caught my neighbour stealing plastic pants off my washing line: part 2

Jenny confronts her nextdoor neighbour after seeing him stealing a pair of plastic baby pants off her washingline. When he bursts into tears she consoles him and wanks him off with the plastic pants!

Time length 4:09

Nanny plays with your bottom

Nanny wants to take off that nappy and do nice things to your bottom. Nanny loves to lick and finger your bottom until your cock explodes with hot sticky cum!

Time length 2:09

Creamy time

Nanny is ready for you to give you your creamy! What are you waiting for baby?

Time length 3:45

Rubber nurse takes care of you

Do you like rubber nurses? This sexy rubber nurse will give you a nice creamy if you make her cum first!

Time length 5:50

Mummy catches babysitter sucking adult baby’s cock

When Laura asked her friend Kelli to help mind her baby husband she got a surprise! She came into the nursery to find Kelli sucking his cock! Laura was annoyed at first but then they both took turns to suck his cock and lick his arsehole until he sprayed their pretty faces with spunk!

Time length 4:28

Susan babysits her sissy baby: part 1

Susan arrives to look after a sissy adult baby while Mrs Sanderson goes out for the evening. As soon as Susan’s left alone with the sissy baby she can’t resist getting up to some naughty fun!

Time length 3:51

Susan babysits her sissy baby: part 2

Susan takes a vibrator out of her bag and fucks her tight wet cunt as her sissy baby watches her cum! Then she fucks him with it as he sucks his dummy!

Time length 4:40

I caught my husband in nappies

Donna has been married to John for 18 years. Their sex life hasn’t been good for a while and one day she discovers why!

Time length 7:07

My husband confesses all about his baby desires

Donna’s husband tells her that he is an adult baby! She shocked and upset at first but then decides to indulge him!

Time length 7:07

I wanked my husband in his nappy as he watched adult baby porn

John shows Donna his favourite adult baby website and she wanks him into his nappy as he looks at sexy adult baby girls!

Time length 7:37