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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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Let's both wear plastic pants

This girl saw an advert in the back of a magazine for plastic incontinence pants.She ordered a pair and when she put them on she came just from wearing them! She has lots of pairs now and wants you both to wear them until you both cum in them!

Time length 3:41

Oh my god! I just found out my husband is an adult baby!

This woman had a feeling that her husband was up to something so while he was at work she checked his internet history! But when she found out what he got up to she was wasn't prepared for what she saw! Now she doesn't know what to do!

Time length 4:39

Wife takes you to a mistress to get fucked

Your wife came home early and found you wearing nappies again! And dressed up in Sissy baby clothes too! You remember what she said if she caught you wearing nappies again don't you! That's right! She's taking you to a Mistress to get fucked like the Sissy Baby Slut you are!

Time length 3:46

The plastic baby pants nurse introduces you to Nurse Stevens

Nurse Gordon, the "plastic baby pants nurse" takes Peter & David through to Nurse Stevens. She's impressed with the amount cum in their plastic baby pants and Nurse Gordon tells Nurse Stevens about her sexy plans for the evening!

Time length 2:39

Good babies get rimjobs

Nanny has locked your little worm in a chastity cage inside your nappy and she's about to unlock you.You're desperate for an orgasm so since you've been a good baby she's going to lick your arse until you cum!She might even let you cum twice!

Time length 3:00

I want to lick you through your plastic pants: part 2

Mistress licks your cock and balls thru your plastic pants as your butt plug buzzes away in your tight arsehole!After you've cum in your plastic pants it's her turn to cum so she wants you to lick her pussy as she fucks herself with her vibrator!

Time length 2:22

I'll put this nappy on you if you make me cum

This gorgeous girl has a nice crinkly disposable nappy and she wants to put it on you!But you have to make her cum first. If you can make her cum she'll put you in your nappy,if you can't then she won't!

Time length 2:40

I want to lick you through your plastic pants: part 1

Mistress is young and beautiful and not only knows your secret fetish for plastic pants,she also loves plastic too and dresses up for you!She also has some buzzy toys for you and her so you can both have a good time in plastic!

Time length 2:48

Suck nanny's tits then cum on them

Nanny is lactating and wants to feed you from her big milky titties!She loves feeding adult babies and if you drink her "Mummy Milk" she'll play with your willy until you cum all over her big tits!

Time length 3:24

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 10

Abby's husband is completely regressed now and lives his life as a baby 24/7.While his needs are tended to by Rubber Nurses, Abby spends his millions that she got by selling his business and lives a life of luxury while he knows nothing about it!

Time length 2:38

Wife buys adult baby clothes for her husband: part 2

Carl confessed he had a crush on his Mum's best friend Gloria and pretended he needed to wear nappies when he visited her and didn't really have a bedwetting problem!Gloria put him in the nappies and plastic pants she found and now they're married and he's her adult baby husband!

Time length 3:39

Girl experiments with nappies

Rachael is 19 years old and has always worn nappies due to her bed-wetting problem.She always felt "special" wearing them and now that she's too big for Pampers she's experimenting with adult nappies instead!

Time length 3:03

Sissy takes all 12 inches

Are you a dirty little Sissy who'd love to get fucked by a dominant Mistress with a big strap-on cock? You've never had 12 inches before so Mistress is going to fuck you hard until you cum in your plastic panties like the dirty little Sissy Slut you are!

Time length 2:53

Wife buys adult baby clothes for her husband: part 1

When Gloria's best friend Karen had a baby, Gloria was more of a mother to him than Karen was.So when Carl was 18 he left home and moved in with Gloria and one day she made a shocking discovery that changed everything!

Time length 3:19

Smells like someone needs to be changed

Not after long after they were married Diane's husband confessed to her that he was an adultbaby!She indulged him until she realised he liked to use his nappies properly!Atleast she gets to fuck other guys which is her only consolation for being his Mummy!

Time length 3:03