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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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Cruel mistress wanks you off in plastic

How would you like a gorgeous Mistress to wank you off in plastic? Be warned though because she's very cruel and whether she'll allow you to cum as you're wrapped up in plastic is up to her!

Time length 2:35

Why can't i have a man instead of a baby

Your wife encouraged your adult baby fetish to begin with but things have gone too far!She has needs of her own but you can't satisfy her anymore because you're a baby all the time now!What will she do?

Time length 4:02

I turned my unfaithful boyfriend into a sissy baby: part 1

Lucy is a 21 year old fitness instructor with a 25 year old boyfriend who she adores.They've been going out together for just over a year and she thought everything was good until she caught him fucking another girl!And so she finds an unusual way to get back at him!

Time length 5:10

Plastic pants on your cock

Are you wearing your plastic pants?! What would your wife say if she found out that you wear plastic pants?! Well i’m sure she wouldn’t be as understanding as me cos i’m a very sexy girl who would love to hear you wank off in your plastic pants! So make sure you’re wearing for me and that your cock is hard inside your plastic pants!

Time length 2:41

Doctor puts panty wetter into nappies

Kelly is embarassed when she wets her panties in front of the male doctor.Both get turned on and he locks the door and brings out a nappy for her.Lots of pissing,wet panties,nappies and fucking!

Time length 4:57

I want to be your mummy

Will you be my baby? I'd love to be your mummy!Listen as I tell you all the things i'd love to do with you.I've got everything ready for you so what are you waiting for? x

Time length 5:59

Panty wetting girl's visit to the doctors

Kelly thought she had grown out of her wetting problem but now it's back again!She went to the doctors but only a male doctor was there!Will she tell him what she's really there for?

Time length 4:14

She wants to baby you

Aww baby!Are you wet?Let me change you and put you into a nice dry nappy.It's a nice day so we can go to the park in the pushchair. My friends will be there and they can bottlefeed you and check on your nappy!

Time length 2:47

Plastic pantied pussy

This horny slut loves to masturbate in her tight plastic panties and gets guys to fuck her while she wears them.Listen to her masturbate and fill them with her hot piss!

Time length 2:54

My boyfriend wears nappies in public: part 2

Listen to this girl and her friend Karen both wank off her boyfriend and make him shoot his cum into his nappy!Lots of sexy nappy and plastic threesome fun!

Time length 3:06

Go on slave, jerk off in your diaper for mistress

You've been keeping Mistress waiting and now she's very angry!You've already been diapered so she makes you jerk off for her own amusement!You pathetic wanker!

Time length 2:46

Diapered husband watches wife get fucked by young stud

Your wife has got a young stud coming over to fuck her since you can't satisfy her anymore!She teases you about it as she puts you in your nappy and plastic pants before he arrives.

Time length 4:00

Baby husband gets fucked by pvc nurse and latex nanny

This shocked woman has only just found out about her husband's nappy fetish but she already has her friend Carly over to help with nappy changing and cocksucking!And they've got some sexy outfits to make sure he cums in his nappy!

Time length 3:33

Wife and best friend make husband creamy in his nappy

After catching her husband in nappies earlier,she meets her best friend Carly and tells her what happened.So they both decide to have some sexy fun with their new big baby!

Time length 2:43

My boyfriend wears nappies in public: part 1

When I met my new boyfriend after work I was with another girl.I knew about his nappy fetish but didn't realise he'd be wearing one under his jeans!And she saw it and made him wet it!How embarrassing!

Time length 3:46