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All of these stories are for Adult Babies/Diaper Lovers and those who have a love of plastic.
These stories are for Adults Only and all actors were 18 years or older at the time of recording.
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The plastic baby pants nurse: part 1

If you have a fetish for real baby size plastic pants then Nurse Gordon can help!She's the "plastic baby pants nurse" and she invites you into her special room to explain what happens!

Time length 3:27

I married a pervert

When this young bride thought her husband was old fashioned by waiting until their wedding night to have sex she was in for a big surprise! When she took off her wedding dress he took something out of his pocket which changed everything!

Time length 1:51

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 3

Abby goes ahead with her plan and confronts her cheating husband red-handed with the 2 whores in their marital bedroom!He panics..they leave.. and she starts to put her plan into action to turn him into her "adultbaby husband"!

Time length 4:00

Enema'd with his own baby bottle

Nanny is having problems with one of her babies who is refusing to take his bottle!She would breastfeed him but he's been playing with his willy when she wasn't looking!He has to take his milk one way or another so she decides to give him several baby bottle milk enemas until he learns to behave himself!

Time length 3:45

Threesome with a twist: part 1

This kinky married couple have been wanting to have a threesome.So while John's at work his wife arranges someone to come over for some kinky fun with them. But John wasn't expecting her to be an adult baby girl!

Time length 3:37

My boyfriend spunks into my plastic knickers

When this girl bought some plastic knickers to wear for her boyfriend she didn't expect them to have such an effect on him! He fucks her so hard that she sometimes just has to wank him off with them!

Time length 4:20

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 2

Abby's mum and sister get her to come over so they can show her all the adult babywear that has arrived for her cheating husband!They go through all the boxes and are amazed at all the stuff,but Abby is having second thoughts about going through with it!

Time length 4:18

Babysitter catches you sniffing her dirty knickers

When the babysitter catches the Husband of the woman she's working for with her used knickers his life won't be the same again!And neither will his bank balance!She takes them from him and humiliates him even further!!

Time length 3:53

Chemist checkout girl fucks customer with plastic pants fetish

Nina takes the customer into the stock room and fucks him while they're both wearing plastic pants!She can't believe how much plastic pants turn him on but she's not complaining!

Time length 3:00

Embarrassing incident at the clinic with the relief nurse

You're starting a new job and need a medical but you forget to take a urine sample and have to do one at the clinic.The nurse sees your nappy and you're erection so she gets you some help from the "relief" nurse!

Time length 3:59

Hot MILF keeps her husband in nappies: part 1

Abby is the beautiful "Trophy Wife" of a multi-millionaire businessman and all seems well..until she finds him cheating on her with 2 whores! With the help of her mother and sister she finds a way to stop him doing this ever again!

Time length 4:31

Humiliated by prostitute

You don't have anyone to indulge you in your nappy fetish so you go to see a prostitute!You've been before and of course she remembers you and instead of being nice she humiliates you and then gets her made to throw you out...but only after she makes you cum first!

Time length 1:50

Girl working on the chemist checkout knows those plastic pants are for him

Nina was working on the chemist checkout when she saw this young man she liked.But she was in for a big surprise when she found out what it was that he was buying!And so she decided to have some fun with him!

Time length 5:16

I turned my unfaithful boyfriend into a sissy baby: part 4

Lucy's unfaithful boyfriend Keiran is soon dressed in pink stockings,suspenders and frilly plastic baby pants sucking on a baby's dummy!She fucks his arse with a 10" vibrator and soon he's cumming and wetting in his plastic pants like the Sissy Baby he really is!

Time length 4:36

Cuckold boyfriend gives babysitter a present in his plastic panties

This guy was tricked into staying with his unfaithful girlfriend and now she keeps him as an adultbaby while she goes out a fucks other guys!She has a babysitter look after him but she doesn't know what the babysitter does while she's out!

Time length 5:57